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Pandora ME ring 169591C00

Pandora ME ring 169591C00

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Renew your ring arrangements with this Pandora ME ring, ready to be paired with new metals and colors that express your mood, every day. This ring in an exclusive 14k gold-plated metal alloy features grooves that add three-dimensionality and depth to the surface. Personalize your looks by combining this ring with others you love with the Pandora ME ring connector, then add up to two mini pendants to tell who you are. Mix colors and stones next to each other to give your outfit even more color. Are you ready to transform your ring compositions? Follow a few simple steps to insert and replace your favorite mini pendants, and create a new look every day. Whichever ring you want to match, check that the opening part of the Pandora ME ring connector is facing upwards and slide just one of the rings to the opposite side. Then, remove all the mini pendants by sliding them through the opening, one at a time, before removing the other ring. Now you're ready to mix all the jewels again!


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